Organizational Strategies

Organizational Strategies

A strategy is meaningless without the right team and organization to support it.  Working with state governments requires the right skill sets, the right approach, and the proper alingnment from the CEO to the sales team.

Set understands the demands on your sales teams, and how an organization that supports those teams will produce better results for your firm.  A government strategy involves more than an internal government affairs function, or a handful of lobbyists -- it involves organizatinal alignment and commitment.

Set can help you:

  • Assess the current state of your government strategy
  • Determine the strength of organizational support for your strategy
  • Recommend the functions and skill sets need to support a government sales strategy
  • Define the relationships needed in your key regions to sustain your strategy
  • Align your sales teams, government affairs teams and lobbyists for effective representation of your brand with government stakeholders
  • Develop governance processes needed to improve communications across your organization

Set understands your challenges and the challenges of your clients.  This perspective can help you develop your teams and implment a strategy that will create value for you and your clients.