Growth Strategies

Growth Strategies

The $1.6 trillion state government marketplace is filled with opportunities and challenges.  Effective business relationships in the state government sector require strategy and commitment.  In order to keep pace with the expectations of their customers, governments must adopt new technologies and solutions at a faster pace than ever before.

The need is there.  Your solutions can help.  Do you have the right strategy to engage with government customers?  Is your organization aligned with that strategy?  Do you have the team to implement your strategy? Set can help you answer those questions.  With our unique perspective and set of experiences, we understand the political, policy and procedural aspects of state government.  Set knows that relationships manner, and an ability to communicate a clear and concise value proposition matters just as much.

Set will:

  • Develop a multi-year strategy to align with your firm's growth targets
  • Implement business development strategies to grow pipeline and develop opportunites
  • Assess your organizational readiness for a government strategy
  • Align your sales teams and processes with your strategy and stakeholders
  • Develop a communications strategy that targets key decision makers 
  • Determine long term needs for your government strategy including a government affairs organization and lobbyist needs

Set has the perspective and experience to help you develop and implement an effective strategy.  Whether you are new to the state government market, or are trying to improve your current approach, Set can help.