How Set Helps You

How Set Helps You

Helping Public and Private Sectors

Set believes that strong partnerships between the public and private sectors can unlock tremendous value for taxpayers.  Having served in both the public and private sectors, Set has seen how both sides work.  We understand the strengths, weaknesses, motivations and processes of each party.  And we believe that the challenges that these relationships sometimes encounter can be overcome.

Set is committed to maturing the state government marketplace, fostering understanding between public and private sector parties, and helping deliver outcomes that benefit all parties.  

Growth Strategies

State governments around the country spend upwards of $1.6 trillion dollars to deliver the services needed by their customers - and this number will only continue to increase.  Governments are under tremendous pressure to spend those funds wisely, to run operations more effectively and to deliver services more efficiently to a demanding and technologically savvy customer base.  

Government needs help from the marketplace to keep pace with consumer demand.  Despite this need, government and the private sector oftentimes do not understand each other.  This lack of understanding leads to missed opportunities and sub-optimal outcomes.

Set will work with your company to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to engage with state government clients.  Does your client understand your offerings?  Does your organization have the right resources to work with state government clients?  Is your organization aligned in a manner that makes the best use of your limited resources?  Do you have the strategies needed to develop the right relationships across all levels of government?

Sets' unique experiences serving in ledership roles in both the public and private sectors provides a perspective for us to see the world through your lens and through the lens of your client.  We understand the challenges of the state government market, and the challenges that the private sector has in aligning the resources needed to compete in this space.  With that perspective we can help you deliver solutions that will produce the outcomes that governments need.  

Organizational Strategies

A company's organizational maturity is critical to effective engagements with government clients.  Even large companies with mature organizations struggle to keep the business and government affairs teams aligned.  The business will perceive government affairs as meeting brokers and fire fighters, while the government affairs team might not be informed of a key offering and how it should be positioned in the market place.

Set understands the need to keep an organization aligned from the first meetings that open the door to a new relationship, to the hectic days of a strategic pursuit.  Set can help you assess the gaps that exist in your organization, and implement solutions that fill those gaps.  

Pursuit Strategies

Some opportunities are more critical than others.  The client needs a positive outcome, and you have the right solution and team.  Communicating your value before, during and after a procurement process is critical to your success.  Set can assist you and your team with positioning strategies, proposal review and presentation coaching.  Having been on both sides of some of the largest technology procurements in state government gives Set a perspective that will add value to your team's pursuit.