Who we Are

Set is a management consulting firm focused on the state government market. Through our unique set of experiences and partnerships, we will help you align the needs of your clients, your organization, and the forces that influence both to produce strategies that deliver clear outcomes.

What we Do

Set delivers comprehensive go to market strategies for companies looking to grow their state government footprint. Set will help you navigate all aspects of your strategy, from the capabilities and needs of your own organization, to your sales approach, to the politics that are inherent to the government space. Set understands the needs of both the public and private sector and will leverage that knowledge to produce meaningful outcomes.

Set Consulting believes that healthy partnerships between private sector and government will produce outcomes that extend well beyond a successful project or an improved bottom line. Healthy partnerships will produce benefits for the citizens who are paying for the services government provides. Set's unique perspective allows us to approach a challenge from multiple views, understand the needs of all stakeholders, and produce outcomes that please not only our clients, but also the customers they serve.

Public Sector
Citizens demand more from government today than ever before. Government can meet this demand through strong and sustainable relationships with private sector partners.

Private Sector
The complexity of working with government clients can be daunting. Aligning shared interests and communicating expectations can build the relationships needed to produce strategic outcomes for all parties.